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Best Diving Spots On The Island

Stambedar on Pakleni

There are more then 15 beautiful diving spots within only 10-60 minutes boat drive from the town of Hvar.

Most of them are around divine archipelago of Pakleni (Paklinski) Islands (Hell Islands). The wrong translation

of Croatian word "paklina" (resin) turned them into Hell's Islands, in fact they are real Paradise.

You'll find pleasure in discovering colored walls, caves, wracks,as well as rich flora and fauna of transparently

clear Adriatic sea.

This archipelago is the most beautiful part of the Hvar riviera and beside the most popular beaches it is a place

where you can find very interesting diving spots.

Stambedar is a small island of the Pakleni otoci archipelago. Stambedar is interesting for divers due to the

fabulous underwater cliffs that begin at the depth of 5 m and drop to the depth of 45 m.

You will discover a rich marine world, many fish, algae, snails, sera-urchins and other sea creatures,

and in the deeper part of the wall there is a forest of red and violet gorgons.

Location is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers.

Sailing on the Island

Sailing is often called "The poetry of movement"

If you are an experienced sailor or a novice in sailing,you can join sailing clubs in you sailing adventures.

Some of Sailing clubs will offer you following:

  • Full day sailing trips from Hvar island to Vis or to Brac where you can also try

  • wind surfing.

  • Half a day sailing tours around Pakleni islands archipelago in front of Hvar

  • town

  • Two day sailing tours around Vis island with visit to Blue Cave on Bisevo

  • islet.

  • Short sailing trips If one day is too short and one week is too long for your sailing itinerary, then this program is perfect for you. In 3 to 5 days we will cruise around the most beautiful Dalmatian islands; Hvar, Vis, Mljet, Korcula and end in Dubrovnik.

  • Sailing school one week program for all of you who would like to learn more about sailing; elementary, intermediate, advanced level; the offshore sailing course

  • Regattas if you finished our sailing school program or you already are an experienced sailor and want the ultimate sailing excitement, you can join us as our crew member and participate in one of the Adriatic

Rock Climbing and Hiking

There are a few sea-shore based climbing areas located on the Hvar island.

Situated on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the locations takes pride in the highest number of sunny days with beautiful aqua blue colours and see-through bottom of the sea.

You can actively climb, during the whole year, even in the winter months. More informations see at

Some say that the best things in life are taken slowly to enjoy the most pleasure and serenity.

Hvar invites those with meandering souls to hike through its lush hills and across its rocky shores.

Our expert guides will help you experience Hvar?s subtle nuances and savour its incredible scents with other like-minded hikers.

It is good to know that it doesn?t take much to experience a lot, and a day with nature will leave you feeling pleasantly tired and fulfilled.

The island of Hvar has many gravel and hiking paths. Not so long ago some of these old paths were the only connection between the south and north part of the island.

    Pathways lead us through the olive trees and lavender fields, through vineyards, forests and inlets. A visit to the old island villages, of which some are abandoned (Humac, Malo Groblje...), will give you an insight

into the past and the old way of life on the island.

    Hiking to the highest peak called St. Nicholas (626m), from where you can see all islands of central Adriatic and the mountains of hinterland, is also part of this tour.

    Apart from the sightseeing of the inner part of the island, we offer you a hiking tours along the coastal southern part of the island and a visit to the Pakleni Islands.

Speed boat tours

Paklinski Islands Getaways

The Paklinski Islands are our most popular speedboat tours.

Coming to Hvar and not experiencing Paklinski is like being in Paris and not to visiting the Eiffel Tower, or Florence without the Uffizi.

Choose from two terrific tours:

Snorkeling the Paklinski Islands

Legend says that the Paklinski Islands came into existence as a result of a secret love between the sea god Poseidon and a nymph.

Even today it's easy to see why this lovely necklace of little islands that surrounds the town of Hvar is so special.

Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of hidden coves, swim in a clear-blue sea and relax in the untouched nature of the Paklinski Islands.

This trip includes a guide, snorkeling gear, and if you wish, enjoy a tasty picnic lunch on the boat for a small additional fee. The sights, sounds, and scents of this spectacular trip will be truly memorable.

St.Klement - Vloka

Once a Roman villa, later a village dedicated to St. Clement, today Volka lures everyone who wants direct contact with nature and an authentic experience with islanders.

While you're here, try a mud bath in the middle of St.Klement bay--legend says that it's containing healing properties.

Hidden Lagoons & Cliffs

Hvar South Hills, Zarace laggon, Dubovica bay, Crvene Stijene(Red Rocks)

Tour the Island Hvar south hills shore in style with our Speedboat Safari.

Get an intimate look at the archipelago's pristine nature, including secluded coves and some exquisitely shaped, natural rock formations.

Enjoy swimming at hidden small beaches framed by the lush south hill vineyards of Plavac Mali. Find a private sea cave for yourself and explore!

Scedro Island

Perhaps the award for the quietest island in all the Mediterranean goes to Scedro? Just 30 minutes by boat from Hvar, just eight square kilometers and just one place to stay!

Wander through the remains of an ancient Dominican monastery, discover the island's wild landscape, vineyards and olive groves and then hit the beach for an exhilarating swim!

Sightseeing: Hvar Town and Island

Hvar Town Special Tour

Take the opportunity to explore the most notable, culturally rich and happening spots in Hvar town.

Discover the historical legacy of Hvar step by step and listen to the stories of the town citadel, the medieval walls, the monasteries and the palaces.

Visit the Benedictine nuns who live in a secluded convent and whose existence is only visible to the public through their handmade lace patterns, unique works of art.

A stroll through Hvar's picturesque streets reveals centuries of Dalmatian architecture.

Island Jeep Safari

From hidden coves on the coast to lush vineyards in the heart of the island, let us take you on a jeep safari packed with an exciting array of spectacular landscapes and azure vistas.

We'll also take you all the way to the highest point of Hvar, St. Nikola's peak, whose awe-inspiring view will give you a definitive reason to say: "There's no better place in the World for me to be at this moment."

Program description: A short drive along a dirt road leads to Malo Grablje, a small village abandoned decades ago.

Upon arrival there will be a short walk through this picturesque 16thC village. After Malo Grablje we proceed to Velo Grablje and then stop in Vidikovac with a perfect view of the deepest bay on the island.

It's here where our guide will tell the group all about the area and about the oldest town in Croatia founded by ancient Greeks, After a short stop we drive to the highest peak of the island, Saint Nicholas (626 m).

From here there is a 360 degree unobstructed view of the island all the way across to the islands of Brac, Korcula and Vis.

Below the high point of St.Nicholas on a sloping sunny hillside lies Sveta Nedija, a village

surrounded with steep vineyards which are very difficult to tend.

They are famous far and wide for high quality red wine produced from plavac grapes. Driving downhill your group will be constantly surprised by the sheer variety of Hvar's landscapes--vineyard-covered hills, olive

groves and undulating fields of rosemary and lavender.

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